Feb 08

At first I was afraid, I was petrified…


I remember seeing something like this in my grandfather’s bathroom, and being afraid of it. It was a sign of danger. Years later when I stared shaving, based on the amount of irritation I got from modern-day razors, I was petrified to go near it because I thought it would be double maybe even triple the …

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Jan 31

Goodbye dry hands.


A friend of mine, Inanna, turned me onto Hand Food by Soap & Glory. Being that we are both hairdressers, our hands are constantly being washed or in water. Before each client, while shampooing, and after applying products. Our hands are always dry and look like scaly old lady lizard hands! The greatest thing about Hand …

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Sep 10

A little help for summer ends

Viva Coconut Oil

Now that summer is over and we start to get back into reality, we realize our hair is a mess. Whether we were at the beach all summer, bleaching our hair lighter, or we just plainly neglected our hair. Whatever it is, it is now time to get on track and get our hair healthy …

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Sep 01

Poop bags aren’t just for dogs… They’re great for poopy diapers too!

Dog Bag Roll

You’re out and about and your baby releases a spawn of satan poop, and you’re nowhere a garbage. Now you’re stuck carrying around a stinky diaper, and people are thinking you are crop dusting as you walk by. Well here is a simple trick that my husband did and I was like “Why didn’t I think …

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Jan 03

How can your face can be oily and dry at the same time?

melissa day cream resize

Winter is here, and our skin can do some weird things. My skin tends to be on the oily side, but I do get a dry patches. So the hunt for the perfect moisturizer, for me, took a really long time, like years. Oily skin products made my dry areas look like Eczema. Normal skin moisturizers …

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Dec 27

Dry scalp season in here. Yay!! (JK)

astera soothing fluid

  It’s that time of year again. That time of year where it’s cold outside, heat is turned up high inside. We go out into the world bundled up, to walk into an overheated store, and our bodies just don’t know how to regulate it all. Our skin and lips become very dry. People lotion/moisturize …

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Nov 16

The perfect hair tie.


A good amount my clients come into the salon, with their hair in ponytails, and their hair tie wrapped around so tight that you can see the cuticle layer being exfoliated off. When I tell them that wearing a hair tie that tight is really bad for their hair, they usually respond “but two times around …

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Nov 14

Why is a blow dry not included with my color service?


This question comes up quite often, so here is the explanation. When you visit an upscale salon that is departmentalized you are seeing experts that are specialized in a specific field. What does that mean you ask? Well each person that works in the salon is trained in their field to make sure you are provided with the best …

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Oct 28

Have gray hair? You should have one of these for emergencies.


It never fails. Thursday your hair is looking good and then Saturday you’re getting ready to go out and you notice those pesky grays are showing. It’s too late to go to the salon, what do you do? Well fret not, here is your solution. Touchback by Colormark is a marker like temporary gray cover …

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Oct 13

Bottled water is so last season.


Are you still drinking bottled water? Do you feel trapped in the 2000’s? Well here, let me help you out of that. I used to feel elite cause I drank “premium” bottled water. The evolution for me was Poland Spring to Volvic to Fiji. I felt like I had status, like driving a Maserati. Then …

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