Aug 11

Scrubba scrubba scrubba… Your whole body.


Picture this: me having a bad day, freaking out, it’s a rainy day, angry fast walking or shall I say stomping? I trip over something. I get up, angry and muddy, ready to kick something 40 yards into space. Then I realize nothing is there and my clumsy ass tripped over my own damn feet. So now …

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Aug 06

August’s heat got you sweating? Handle that!


I know it’s a little late for a deodorant post, being that it is August and all, but it’s better late than never. My inner hippie won’t let me use any deodorants that contain aluminum. Which mean I am a little “earthy”, some may use the word smelly. I just assumed it was part of …

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Oct 29

Set it and forget it.


Let’s face it, the reason most people love the crockpot is that they can set it and forget it. I personally hate it cause it doesn’t ever get as hot as I need it to. So here’s my tip for the set it and forget it ladies and men out there. I usually start my …

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Oct 16

That new brush feel


Am I the only person who forgets how amazing a new toothbrush feels? I mean seriously! I get a new toothbrush every time I pick up a new tube of toothpaste. Today was that new toothbrush day and it really put a little pep in my step! This is the second visit with the Oral-B …

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Jul 04

Unsure about your nail salon?


Let’s face it, some of us just love a dicey nail salon. They’re quick, cheap, and you never need an appointment. The one thing I do not like is the risk of getting a nail fungus from using the jet spa foot bath. Just to be clear, to properly clean out the foot bath you …

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May 30

My 5 days with Samsung’s Galaxy S4

samsung galaxy s4

  First let’s just start off by saying that I want to be an iPhone hater. They reason being is, I am so bored with iOs. I feel nothing has really changed with the UI in such a long time, and me, liking to learn new systems and gadgets, crave new developement. So I decided …

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Feb 01

Travel item of the week.


As some of you may know, I travel a bit. I tend to play the “Where is a free outlet” game in every airport. It seems like everyone is charging their phones, ipads, and laptops. Can I get a little juice? Please? Recently I was in Salt Lake City airport and this guy pulled out …

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Jan 19

Orange you glad you didn’t have to smell that?


Here is a tip to help you minimize your Post-traumatic Stress from flying. We have to admit that this happens almost every flight, you get a waft of something disgusting. Whether it’s someone’s food, feet, or just them, you realize you’re trapped and there is nothing you can do about it. Well you’re wrong, here …

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Jan 13

Easiest way to see in a foggy mirror: fingerprint free edition.

Foggy Mirror

  So how many times has this happen to you? You get out the shower, you are in a hurry, you don’t have time to wait for the mirror to defog, and you NEED it? So you wipe it with your hands and you see a portion of yourself though droplets of water and you …

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