Aug 25

Styling product of your dreams for blowouts.


Satin Design by Shu Uemura is hands down my most favorite product ever! There has never been a more versatile, easy to use product. Satin Design is great for every hair type and style. The amount you use varies depending on your hair type and texture, but honestly it’s almost hard to over use, which …

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Aug 11

Scrubba scrubba scrubba… Your whole body.


Picture this: me having a bad day, freaking out, it’s a rainy day, angry fast walking or shall I say stomping? I trip over something. I get up, angry and muddy, ready to kick something 40 yards into space. Then I realize nothing is there and my clumsy ass tripped over my own damn feet. So now …

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Aug 06

August’s heat got you sweating? Handle that!


I know it’s a little late for a deodorant post, being that it is August and all, but it’s better late than never. My inner hippie won’t let me use any deodorants that contain aluminum. Which mean I am a little “earthy”, some may use the word smelly. I just assumed it was part of …

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Oct 29

Set it and forget it.


Let’s face it, the reason most people love the crockpot is that they can set it and forget it. I personally hate it cause it doesn’t ever get as hot as I need it to. So here’s my tip for the set it and forget it ladies and men out there. I usually start my …

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Oct 16

That new brush feel


Am I the only person who forgets how amazing a new toothbrush feels? I mean seriously! I get a new toothbrush every time I pick up a new tube of toothpaste. Today was that new toothbrush day and it really put a little pep in my step! This is the second visit with the Oral-B …

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Jul 04

Unsure about your nail salon?


Let’s face it, some of us just love a dicey nail salon. They’re quick, cheap, and you never need an appointment. The one thing I do not like is the risk of getting a nail fungus from using the jet spa foot bath. Just to be clear, to properly clean out the foot bath you …

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May 30

My 5 days with Samsung’s Galaxy S4

samsung galaxy s4

  First let’s just start off by saying that I want to be an iPhone hater. They reason being is, I am so bored with iOs. I feel nothing has really changed with the UI in such a long time, and me, liking to learn new systems and gadgets, crave new developement. So I decided …

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Feb 01

Travel item of the week.


As some of you may know, I travel a bit. I tend to play the “Where is a free outlet” game in every airport. It seems like everyone is charging their phones, ipads, and laptops. Can I get a little juice? Please? Recently I was in Salt Lake City airport and this guy pulled out …

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Jan 19

Orange you glad you didn’t have to smell that?


Here is a tip to help you minimize your Post-traumatic Stress from flying. We have to admit that this happens almost every flight, you get a waft of something disgusting. Whether it’s someone’s food, feet, or just them, you realize you’re trapped and there is nothing you can do about it. Well you’re wrong, here …

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