2012 Billboard Music Awards. As I see them.

The Billboard Music Awards were last night and in this post I am going to tell you where the looks went wrong. Hold on to your seats please.

First we’re going to start with Miley Cyrus. Now some of you know I’m a big fan and it upsets me to have to tell you where she went wrong. The hair says either old lady or Mars Attacks. What was her hair dresser thinking? “Let’s make you look old!” and her response “You’re a genius, I do want to be taken more serious”  My question is did the hair person even know what she was wearing? Not only is the hair not cute it doesn’t even remotely begin to communicate with the outfit. The outfit is saying sexy bitch and the hair is saying 1940’s stay at home mom. She should replace both her hair stylist and wardrobe stylist since they obviously don’t like each other. I would also suggest a stronger lip color to help triage this look.

This look almost has it. Where they went wrong here is the top of her head is flat and then it gets puffy on the sides. If you’re going to add body to the hair add it evenly throughout. If you’re going for a sleek straight look then follow through to the bottom. I’m sorry Taylor for being “mean”.  Love the makeup not a big fan of the choice of nail polish.

Remember when we thought Robin Thicke was going to be a Justin Timberlake knock off? Well now he looks like Simon Cowell and Gumby had a gay son. Did Dolly Parton dress him?

Oh Julie girl what were you thinking? That dress might be cute on a 25-year-old but it ain’t working on you. The Hair and makeup are correct. I mean her style because her hair color is  too solid for my taste. It has no movement. It’s just blond. And can someone teach her how to pose. Lift up that chin slightly girl!  Ty looks smashing! Bravo!

While I love “Unicorn” for an inspiration this dress just screams Prom Section of Forever XXI not 2012 Billboard Awards

I say YES! Everything is CORRECT. I don’t love her shoes but they work. Julianne Hough must be a nice lady cause she looks amazing!! You better werrrrk!

With bangs this predominant her haircut’s face frame needs to start lower. The combination of the heavy bangs and first layer make her cheeks look really round making her head look big. If she took up the length of her hair 2 inches it would help a bit. Carly Rae, grow out that face frame a bit

And last night’s winner is Carrie Underwood. The dress and hair person worked it out. I think the eye is a little heavy with this look. Should have smoked her eye out with a super dark gray or perhaps after you smoked her out gently overlay some steel shadow. But other than that she was princess of the night!