A Few Inches Is All You Need

Here is a great example of a lovely, natural beauty. The dress is cute. The makeup is soft and almost nonexistent. Her look screams young, carefree, and beautiful but I’m here to tell you where she went wrong. The truth is that I am just drawn to her titties. The reason being is that her hair is too long. Tell me when you look at her, you don’t find your eyes following her hair down. When I look at this picture all I see is the final 4 inches of her hair. It is distracting. What is going on now, is that this whole look is hindered because your attention is brought to the hair. A simple fix is to take up the length a few inches. The longest your hair should ever be is to your nipple that is a great guide for all. Anything after that is just snacky. See the guideline in the picture below. All of her beauty could have really shined.