A little help for summer ends

Viva Coconut Oil

Now that summer is over and we start to get back into reality, we realize our hair is a mess. Whether we were at the beach all summer, bleaching our hair lighter, or we just plainly neglected our hair. Whatever it is, it is now time to get on track and get our hair healthy and shiny by holiday season. One of the easiest ways to do that is to start using coconut oil. My suggested use for it is; at least 30 minutes prior to your shower, work a good amount through your ends. You don’t really need it near the scalp, but it isn’t bad if you do. I, of course, recommend that you comb it trough your hair, to make sure it gets everywhere. Just let the coconut oil sit on for whatever amount of time you have, the longer the better, but in reality, after an hour it’s not going to make much difference, your hair can only absorb so much. Now just jump into your shower, wash and condition as normal. It’s that easy! I suggest you do it once a week for normal to thick hair, once every 10 days for fine hair.