At Home Root Touch Up??

So many times my clients tell me that they have an appointment for the following week but an event came up at the last minute and now they can’t get into the salon…. Yes most of my clients have my email address….  Most of the time it happens on the weekend and the salon is closed….. Waaa Waaaah …..Nothing leaves a lasting first impression like busted ass roots.  Thank goodness for Nice N Easy Root Touch Up.  This product has helped out many of my clients.  This product as anything else if the counter has many pros and cons……  The main trick with this is picking the color best suited for you.  When picking a color go close to your shade but on the lighter slide.  Remember you are not coloring your hair you are just doing a Band-Aid to hold you over until your next visit to your hair colorist….. You’re just taking the edge off of the grays. From a colorist’s point of view, it’s way easier to put you back on track if you go too light.  If you go too dark it can be a little more work…. Ok a LOT more work … You then become a color correction costing you up to a small fortune…..  Now you only need to apply in the roots and only around the face and part.  I usually suggest a half inch around face and an inch on each side of the part…. That way if your hair moves the grays don’t pop out and surprise you and give you grief.

A quick guide to picking out the right color (this is not 100% accurate and I assume no responsibility)

If you are:                                            You should use:
Dark Brown(<— Click to buy)                 Medium Brown
Medium Brown(<— Click to buy)             Light Brown
Light Brown (<— Click to buy)                Medium Blonde
Blonde(<— Click to buy)                         Light Blonde

Recap ….. Pic a shade lighter than your actual color …. Apply just in the root area…. 1/2 inch around hairline (face frame) and an inch on each side of the part …. Process according to directions 

If the color you chose was a little too dark don’t fret … Just apply shampoo and leave it on for 3 minutes …. Repeat until it softens… And yes this WILL dry your hair out slightly but given the situation… This is the lesser of the two evils