BBQs Were Made For The Fourth Of July

And sunblock was made for BBQs. I cannot stress it enough, sunscreen is a beauty necessity when in the great outdoors. The best offense is a great defense. Sunscreen will help you look younger and help reduce your risk for Melanoma. Now I am very specific to say sunscreen because when people hear “sunblock” they think they are safe, as if a cream is completely shielding them from the sun… Guess what people the only way to block the sun is to stay indoors.

Now, the good news and fun part! Let’s tan with sunscreen!.. A slower tan looks richer, last longer, and since you’re not rapidly dehydrating your skin, it is less damaging…. What I do to tan with sunscreen is apply 15spf all over my body and face….. Then I go back in and apply a 30spf on sensitive areas.. such as my shoulders and my face… Sometimes I get a little more specific with my face and put the 30spf just under my eyes and on the bridge of my nose … The point of that being is that it helps illuminate the eyes and if you’re prone to dark luggage under your eyes this will minimize that. The sunscreen on the bridge of the nose gives you a natural highlight making your nose appear smaller…. God know with this big schnoz I could use a lot of highlight! I also suggest applying your sunscreen before leaving your house, so your body has time to absorb it. I personally make sure my sunscreen is on 20 minute prior to exposure to sun.

Apply your sunblock regularly I LOVE HeadHunter sunscreen. It’s made for surfing so it really lasts when you have it on! …. I use their 15spf Clear, 30spf Clear, and their White Warpaint for my face. They make them in tinted which I do NOT like but that may be your thing.