Can An Electric Razor Change Your Life?

Yes it can!… I’ve been wearing some version of facial hair since I could grow it… I really love having a beard, but I recently went to a party where EVERY man there had a beard, and the next day I read that Disney employees can now where some facial hair…. I decided it was time to say goodbye to my beard… I shaved it off with a traditional razor and ended up a bloddy mess full of toilet paper stoppers. I then poured Tend Skin  over my wounds and screamed in pain. I then decided that I should give an electric razor a try… After a full day of research I came across the Panasonic Arc 3 …. Reading the reviews on different websites got me really excited and full of disbelief…. How can I get a close shave, using my American Crew Shave Oil, with an electric razor, while taking a shower….. IMPOSSIBLE! …. But I then read Panasonic gives you a 30 day money back guarantee… So what the hell let’s give it a shot .. I mean I can’t grow my beard back until all these other drag queens start shaving again…. Two days later it was here… My first few shaves were a bit rough..I had a few scratches and missed patches. But by the second week I was shaving in the gym shower, with no mirror… I just glided my hand around my face found the patches and slid against the grain…  I’m now as smooth as a baby without fuss… Clean up is even easier .. You just pour liquid soap onto the blades, watch it lather, and then rinse…. Life changing!