Colored tips? Here’s how!

As you know I am big advocate against crazy trendy hair colors. The reason being is that to achieve colors such as these, used to mean you would have to bleach, and fry the shit out of your hair. The process to get here is not only damaging it is also so damn time-consuming. It takes multiple hours! The worst part is it looks good for a minute and then after two shampoos it melts into one toxic Hudson River green hue. Not cute! You end up hating it, it doesn’t really come out, and your ends are so frazzled you need to cut them off. Goodbye 6 inches aka 9 months of growth. Today I’m gonna let you in on a secret to get this look without damaging your hair and the color fading out headache. The secret is hair shadow!

Colorsmash are the way to go!  Colorsmash comes in 9 colors and is so easy to use. It is temporary, that means it washes out. No commitment, no damage, no brainer! The way to use them is style you hair as normal. I think the “dip dyed” effect works best with waves. So after your hair is dried, curled and styled you place a piece of color between the compact and your finger and just slide down. If you need it a little brighter apply some more. If you have too much color you comb it out. It is that easy. Once you achieved the desired color you spray it with hairspray to lock in the color. It’s fantastic! You can achieve amazing results even on dark hair.

Some gals say to me “but it won’t last forever” while this is true but neither will it if you dye it. The truth is you really want it when your going out and want to look cute. So why crisp up your hair and end up having to cut off length to get the same look? At least this way you can match colors to your clothes.

I love when a chick wears all black with colored socks and accessories that match her hair tips. It’s a well thought out, subtle pop, that makes a bold statement.

And yes fellas you could use this too to put a little hip in your ster.