Conditioner as a Styling Agent??… Really!

It’s summer time and one of the most popular questions I get is “How should I take care of my hair at the pool, beach, or sun for that matter?” Here is a trick and a really simple one that translates from brunch to beach to dinner…. All you really need to do is, in the morning before you head out.. Just wet your hair down and towel dry it… Take your favorite condition and your favorite sunscreen…. I’d say 4 parts conditioner to 1 part sunscreen … Mix them together well and work through your hair … Making sure you comb it through.. Now you don’t need to put a ton in your hair .. But you definitely wanna make sure it’s coated … Now twist your hair into a slightly messy bun, add a hair tie, and viola your done ….. The combo will help hold your hair like a soft gel and protect your hair and color from the sun while conditioning it! … I also recommend adding a stretchy headband and some gypsy inspired earrings to complete your look.