Dealing With Your Frizzy Hair

A client of mine asked me “How do I deal with my frizzy hair?”  I wish there were a simple solution for it. My favorite solution is a Keratin Smoothing Treatment you can read an earlier post I wrote HERE. While a Keratin Smoothing Treatment can really hurt your wallet, the way you feel when you can actually blow dry your own hair, and it looks good is PRICELESS. They really revolutionized the frizzy hair world. Please read my post, in full, on the treatment.

If a keratin is not the route you want to go there are many other ways, they’re not as effective, but do work. The following are a list of products and tip you can try.

First and foremost is your shampoo. If you use something that dries your hair out then you can count on having more frizz. If you have thick frizzy hair then you should use something like Shushu Sleek Shampooand Shushu Sleek Conditionerby Shu Uemura. Only use these if you have thick unruly hair or you’ll end up with flat, lifeless hair. If your hair is frizzy and on the finer side use the Moisture Velvet Shampoo and Moisture Velvet Conditioner also By Shu Uemura.

Second is products. Now you want to apply the products on (right out of the shower) towel dry hair so they spread evenly. Most women wait until they are dress and ready to do their hair. By the time you do that your hair is partially dry and the dry areas will absorb more product than the wet areas. When I get out of the shower I moisturize my face, apply products to hair, and then moisturize my body. Just saying girl. Anywho back to helping your hair. If you have tangly ass hair then you want to spray a few sprays of Sally Hershberger SALON Keratin Rx, comb through your hair. Now that you are tangle free, you’re gonna split your hair down the middle (doesn’t have to be perfect) Then take one pump of Essence Absolue by ShuUemura and rub it into one half of the hair, then repeat to the other side, and comb through. Combing through your products really helps spread them through and I just love combing! Now that your hair is prepped we’re now going to add a styling product that will help you brow dry the hair and minimalism the frizz. I love the Satin Design also by Shu Uemura. Using the same technique that we used to apply the Essence Absolue to make sure it gets through evenly. Now we’re ready to dry.

Blowdrying is tricky business. The biggest tip I can give you is if you’re not going to sit there and really do it, then don’t even start it. I see so many women who just blow around the face or the top of their head. What they don’t take into account is that the moisture in the parts they left wet will spread and wreck what they just did. Now you’re left with frizzy and less frizzy hair. Neither is cute. So when you blow dry you really want to giv it your all. At first it will be time consuming but with practice you will eventually be faster. Sections are your best friend. Without them you’re going to be a disaster and will end up over drying areas which will cause fly aways. Take it section by section and work slowly, don’t worry about how your hairdresser rolls that brush 50 times a minute. It’s not the same angle and it’s more difficult when it’s attached to your head. Move slowly and smoothly, only moving to the next piece of hair when the piece you are work on is completely dry. Now that you are done. Don’t be so hard on yourself if it’s not perfect. It’s your first real blow dry. If it’s really bad you can finish up with a flat iron on low to smooth out the bumps.

A really important trick with frizzy hair is to read the ingredients of products. Most products contain alcohol which will dry your hair and result in more frizz. While it’s impossible to avoid all alcohol in hair products really make a conscience effort to minimize the amount your hair sees.


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  1. Nicole Hershman-Daniels

    I’m always looking for great products to tame the mane! Do you have any experience or knowledge of Euphora products? Instead of being water based they are Aloe Vera based… I”m going to check out the Shu Uemura line today! Thanks for the tips!!!

    1. Marko

      I am not familiar with them. Maybe they should send me some samples to try ;-) I only recommend products that I have first hand experience on. I’m not a product sales man. I’m just here to help you find your inner beauty queen!

  2. Viviask

    This is a very useful article, I have to try out those products on my super frizzy hair. Have you heard of argan oil to tame frizz? I use Pro Naturals Moroccan Argan Oil and so far it’s worked for me, I never had much success with keratin.

  3. Marko

    Essence Absolue and Moroccan Oil are very similar in effect. I’m partial to Essence Absolue but find that both are great products.

    As for you not having any luck with Keratin treatment, you obviously haven’t seen me HA!. Actually am sorry to hear that but honestly the hairdresser is did it must not have been completely aware of the different types of keratins and their uses. I cannot speak for others but if you came to the salon and received one from me, I would change your life. I guarantee it.

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