Do You Have A Cave Like Shower That Always Gets Moldy?

We love our cute, little, 1940’s cottage. Sure it’s small but it’s full of charm. One of the not so charming things is our shower. Not the fact that it is a cave and you have barely any light in there, but the fact that it incubates mold. I would look at our products in the shower, see the mold on the bottom and would want to die. Eeeeewwwww! We have a housekeeper come once a week, so why on earth is there mold? Should I fire her? Then the scientist in me starting with probable cause. Hmmmm what is the factor? Then I figured it out. It’s that there is so little space above the door that the shower never fully dries. So the simple solution for that is to leave the shower door open after we shower to let it dry. So far a month later and I haven’t gagged when I pick of my¬†Dr. Hauschka Cleansing Milk.