Do you save your plastic shopping bags but hate the mess?

How many people save their plastic shopping bags? Whether you use them for bagged lunches, carrying things to work, or poop bags for your dog, the uses are endless. The one thing I hate is storing them. They tend to build up into an out of control, pillow-esk  mountain, that is always ready to explode.. Tell me this, how many times have you gone to grab one and 75 of them come along and next thing you know you are now picking them up and cursing. Or maybe I am the only one who gets frustrated by this. I doubt it since you are still reading this post.

My super smart husband (don’t tell him I said that), Brandon came up with this wonderful solution. Before you put them in your storage area, tie them in a loose knot. That way they stay neater and when you grab one it is separate from the others, making it less likely for you to have a mess to clean when you are in a hurry. This does keep your bag storage looking more organized and prevents you from keeping more than you need since it is easier for you to get a good idea of how many you have.

Stay tuned to see us on the next episode of hoarders “When plastic bags attack”.