Does Your Smoke Detector Beep Every Time You Cook?

Living in a small NYC apartment, for over 10 years, this was a common theme for me. I couldn’t make a freaking slice of toast with out that damn thing beeping uncontrollably. I would find myself needing less bicep workouts in the gym, since I spent 30 minutes a day fanning it with a broom. That was the only time I used the broom as I prefer to sweep with my Dyson. Ok that’s a lie. I have a housekeeper and I make her vacuum the floor but same difference! Anyhow, like I was saying, I recently stumbled across this post on LifeHacker.  They say you just put a shower cap over the blasted thing before you cook and there you go, no beeping. I strongly recommend you make sure you remove it immediately after you finished cooking, so it’ll beep to remind you left the oven on before you burn the house down. Tell that bitch Siri to remind you in an hour.