Doggie Toothbrush

How many of you have tried brushing your dog’s teeth?… My Vet says that I should be brushing Miss Tea Tea’s teeth at least 3 times a week… To be quite honest I really wasn’t keeping up on her oral hygiene the way I should…. It’s really difficult to maneuver that brush and hold her down at the same time …. It got to the point that I couldn’t go out on a Friday night cause I had to brush her teeth…. When I would tell people that they would laugh at me … And if I asked people to hang out another night the ongoing joke was…. they’d respond “I may have to wash my hair that night”….. I finally talked to out Vet about it and she suggested that I wrap a piece of Gauze(Gauze… It has been great … She still does not enjoy it but it is a lot easier and quicker …. When we are having company I drop some Listerine(Gauze so she has really fresh breath and maybe the alcohol content my relax her a bit too …. Stay tuned for Doggie Rehab