Don’t want all the risks of Antiperspirants, but can’t take the smell?

It seems science can not give us straight answer on whether antiperspirants cause cancer or Alzheimer’s. Every time you search Google, you will find a different answer. For me that is just not good enough. I stopped using antiperspirants years ago because of the Alzheimer’s scare. My theory was, if I forget who I was mad at and started to talk to them again I would be pissed off. Also, antiperspirants are responsible for the yellowing of white t-shirt underarms. That may be a stronger reason for you to stop today.

Anyhow, I have tried every aluminum free deodorant that I could find. I’ve searched from Duane Reade to Whole Foods and Lilith Fairs in between. Nothing worked. I start work at 10am and usually by 11am Miss Hunnie armpits were smelling like an onion festival, in Times Square, in the middle of August. NOT CUTE!  Especially because I stand over clients all day and my armpits are in my clients’ faces. AWFUL! Just as I was about to give up on aluminum free and go back to risking memory loss, I stumbled upon Desert Essence Deodorant Tea Tree Oil with Lavender. Dessert Essence has been a savior. It works beyond belief. My husband was skeptical to try it, as Degree antiperspirant barely worked at times for him. I can proudly say, thanks to Desert Essence Deodorant Tea Tree Oil with Lavender, my husband has been aluminum free for over two years. This means I will not have to reenact the Notebook and read him his fucking diary daily so he remembers me.