Easiest way to see in a foggy mirror: fingerprint free edition.

Foggy Mirror


So how many times has this happen to you? You get out the shower, you are in a hurry, you don’t have time to wait for the mirror to defog, and you NEED it? So you wipe it with your hands and you see a portion of yourself though droplets of water and you just know when you get home you are going to be annoyed by handprints all over your mirror. Well here is your solution. Just take your trusty blowdryer and hit the mirror. It takes just a few seconds to works and your mirror will not fog back up while you are using it, and you will leave not a smudge behind. So do it, try it out. Take yourself the hottest, steamiest shower, who cares about wasting water and energy, you deserve it! Then blow your mirror. Werrrrk it hunnie!


  1. Isabelle

    Marko, you are too funny! What would we do without you and all your fun tips? Not only you are fun but you are down serious with your job! Every time, I apply the dreaded almost black Mortitia dye on my head, I miss you, you are the best hair colorist i ever knewI. You are sweet and kind and a great guy! love izzy. P.S. So happy you are back to NYC, my daughter Celeste is coming soon to have her locks taken care of, I know you will take care of her, ya/

  2. mtadmin

    This is a very nice comment. IF YOU HAVE HAIR. What are your bald readers expected to do!?!!?!?!?!?!?!?

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