End Of Summer…. Now Let’s Get It Out Of Your Hair…. Detox!

So it’s the end of summer, and without our shorts, sandals, and sunglasses being featured, our once lived for messy beachy hair just looks like dry hay…… So last season! …. Now that the summer is over it time to remove all the chlorine, sea salt, and sunscreen out of our hair… We also want to do a treatment to start working towards are sleek, rich, winter locks! ….. This is a two step process …. Step 1 is to clarify your hair … I suggest Aloe Rid from Nexxus…. Rinse your hair …. Work into a lather…. You can comb it through (gently not ripping) with a wide tooth comb, this will help wipe the buildup off your hair  ….. Leave on for 3-5 minutes …. Then rinse ….. Now that your hair is free of minerals and product buildup it’s time to do an intense mask … The reason being is that your hair is a clean canvas and will absorb more of the nutrients in conditioning mask … I recommend the Shu Uemura Full Shimmer Illuminating Treatment … This will give you maximum shine and bounce while conditioning your hair ….. Work the mask through your hair, it’s super concentrate so you seriously only need a small amount …. Comb through… You can feel the small amount really spread as you comb it through …. If you just slap it on you will apply way more than needed…. Let sit for 5-10 minutes …. This 2 step process is what I call “Clarifying Treatment” ….. When clarifying, most people just do the shampoo and condition as normal …. But I highly suggest you follow through and finish with the treatment …. It’ll help smooth down that cuticle, strengthen, and bring luster back to your hair….. This “Clarifying Treatment” is also a great thing to do once a month, especially a week BEFORE getting color!

1) Rinse, Shampoo with Nexxus Aloe Rid (    2) Apply a small amount of Shu Uemura Full Shimmer Illuminating Treatment (