Escalators, they’re for more than just standing and being carted around.

A modern technology, or a not known rudeness? Escalators, and moving sidewalks for that matter, are here to help make life easier. For some that means just standing still and get carried to your destination. Others it’s a nitro boost for your walking. My needs vary with circumstances, i.e.; sometimes I have plenty of time to get to where I am going and want to enjoy the journey, stand, and watch everything that is happening. Truly living in the moment. Other times I’m in a hurry and need to power through to get to my destination quickly. That’s when I look at the escalator/moving sidewalk and a think “Yes! I can now walk twice as fast” None of these are the wrong way to use an escalator.


Here is where we talk about escalator/moving sidewalk etiquette. An easy way to remember this is to think of it as driving a car on the highway. The escalator/moving sidewalk may not be labeled but it actually has two lanes. One lane is for standing and catching a ride, and one for walking and moving along. There are some unspoken rules that most entitled people seem not to know. Here they are:


1)  Stand single file on the escalator/moving sidewalk. I don’t care if you’re walking with your husband, mother, dog trainer etc.  You can talk to them after you are off. You standing side-by-side blocks the walking lane of the escalator/moving sidewalk.

2)  Put your children on the escalator/moving sidewalk before you. That way if they don’t get on you aren’t holding up escalator/moving sidewalk with you trying to go backwards. Therefore making your irresponsibly your problem

3)  Strollers are not allowed on the escalator/moving sidewalk. It’s unsafe. I don’t care it’s only your dog in there. You walk your lazy ass to the elevator or walk on the normal walkway

4)  It’s 2012 if you never rode an escalator/moving sidewalk don’t start today. You’re obviously afraid and are going to do nothing but slow us down

5)  Tie your shoes before getting on escalator/moving sidewalk and to the side. The worst thing is getting on an escalator/moving sidewalk and someone goes to tie their shoe and their fat ass is now in your face. RUDE!


Following these rules will help everyone get to where they are going in either way of riding the escalator/moving sidewalk they choose. They have been doing this for decades in London. I assume the reason we don’t do it here is because people don’t know. Now you do bitches, so get it right!

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  1. Otis

    When I accompany my 84 year old mother on an escalator I am going to stand next to her because she will want my arm to hold onto. You will not be able to zoom past and I will not move for you. Suck it up buttercup, sometimes you just have to accept that someone will be in front of you. Look on the bright side, we’re all behind and ahead of someone in the world.

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