Goodbye dry hands.


A friend of mine, Inanna, turned me onto Hand Food by Soap & Glory. Being that we are both hairdressers, our hands are constantly being washed or in water. Before each client, while shampooing, and after applying products. Our hands are always dry and look like scaly old lady lizard hands! The greatest thing about Hand Food is that it is super rich, really healing, but it also absorbs into your skin instantly. Usually when a hand cream is this moisturizing, your hands are left feeling and looking greasy. I could apply Hand Food and immediately shake your hand, and all you would feel is softness. Hand Food comes in two sizes, one for your HOUSE, and one for your PURSE.

If you tried Hand Food, please comment and tell us how you feel about it.

UPDATE: On 2/16/16 Ulta.com has Hand Food for half the price click HERE to be redirected.