Goodwill Item Of The Week

The warm weather is coming. You know what that means. Yup, even more bad shoes except this season they don’t even serve a purpose. In the winter days we can overlook an ugly boot because it keeps your foot warm, or it has traction and you won’t slip on the ice, but summer is different. People where the most hideous shoes and they don’t do anything but that, look hideous. These flip flops for example. I just don’t get the appeal. Is it the comfy nylon strap that feels so soft against the skin? Nope. Is it shape that makes you feel sexy? Like a school lunch lady sans hairnet? I don’t think so. Oh I know! They’re so comfy, with the way they move and slap your foot as you walk. These shoes lack support and eventually will lead to angle issues so any one who says they’re comfortable is a damn liar. If they are so comfortable take them to Runyon Canyon and hike your ass up that hill and tell us how you feel.  You wanna look taller. Hmmmm ok but why not just wear an espadrille? At least they strap to your foot giving you more support and look 1000x cuter. These things are to Crocs as Neanderthals are to humans. So take them to the goodwill and toss them. I’m sure so young drag queen will appreciate them as she wears them to a “Trailer Trash” themed bingo night.