Goodwill Item Of The Week

So you were too cheap to get your jeans altered to fit your height. Or is it that you only own one pair of jeans that you had nothing to wear while they were at the tailor’s. Whatever you reasoning was I don’t really care, because we are now at the point were it is too late. There is nothing we can do except…. Take those damn frayed jeans to the Goodwill and toss them. They look like shit. The worse is when you try to dress them up with a polo. Nothing screams poverty more than these crappy jeans. So before you pop another bottle at the club you may want to pop into the nearest Levi store.

If you love the look of long or baggy jeans you can take a thumbtack and push it through your jeans into the soles of your sneakers (See pic below) That way you get the look but don’t step on your jeans and prevent them from becoming a Goodwill Item Of The Week.