Hair In Between Seasons?

So April is a weird season … You’re over bundling up, feeling drab, and are just ready for a change, but it’s not quite warm enough to really switch it up and you’re not really sure if you’re ready to brightening up to full on Spring/Summer since it’s still Winter/Spring and your budget doesn’t quite allow you to go in for a little spruce up now and then again next month. I’m going to let you in on a little secret to bump up your hair and give it a little pop to hold you over a few weeks until it really is season to hit that head with some highlights.

Now you must follow these directions ultra precise or risk your hair turning ORANGE!
Only do this once in between professional color or you will turn ORANGE!
Not following my advice will result in ORANGE hair.

This is for ALL hair color and types.

Items Needed:
Get yourself a box of L’Oreal Dream Blonde; 8G (Sunflower Princess), 2 minute timer, shampoo, and conditioner

Mix the L’Oreal Dream Blonde; 8G (Sunflower Princess)  (according to directions) … Then pour it into a bowl .. Add 5 tablespoons of shampoo and mix it up …. Now hop in the shower.. Wet hair… Shampoo your hair with the mixture … As soon as you apply it to head start the timer .. Work in into a lather for only 2 minutes .. Rinse thoroughly … Shampoo and condition as you normally do. Now you’re pumped up

Be sure to tell your colorist you did this, so they are aware of it and don’t run into any problems.