Help Put A Smile On This Little Girls Face.

Today’s post is dedicated to Ariel Rose Gariano. Ariel is my really good friend Heide’s God daughter. Ariel has been battling cancer (Rhabdomyosarcoma) for a long time now. This girl has been through it all and in every picture you see of her she is smiling. She is a brave little girl. There is a Facebook page titled Ariel Is Brave, the premise of page is to post a picture of you holding a sign that says “Brave”. Ariel is in the hospital and not doing so well. The only thing getting her through is looking at the pictures people post. Now here is where you come in. I am asking is for you to go to Ariel Is Brave, like the page, and post a picture. It takes less than 5 minutes to do. So come on let’s do this.


I would also appreciate if you kept this amongst us, because I would hate for word to get out that I am a nice guy.

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