How To Achieve That Perfect Base Tan Before Your Vacation

Let me start this post off by saying that I am not an advocate for tanning beds. Actually quite the opposite, I hate them. I believe you get your base tan the first day of your vacation but most people want to maximize the day instead of just getting out of the sun when they are cooked. So I just figured if I can’t make you stop using them I can at least help you using them a little more safely.

The first thing I cannot stress enough is tanning lotion. It must be made specifically for tanning beds, or not only will it not work but it will also ruin the glass on the tanning bed. Most people don’t use lotion. They think it’s a waste of money, nothing could be further from the truth. Putting lotion on your skin helps keep your skin from dehydrating, turning red, and aging. Another thing is you should be extremely diligent with your lotion, and not leave it at the salon. You should actually put it on at  home before heading to the tanning salon, this way it has time to absorb into your skin. I think 20 minutes before tanning is the ideal.

Second thing is never listen to Snooki that works there. That bitch is going to try to fry the shit out of you and say she’s “maximizing your color.” More like age you 5 years is what she’s trying to do. What I suggest is that you ask Snooki, Pauly D,or whoever the hell is working that day, which bed is the weakest. That’s the bed to use. Now for you first 3 tans you should do 1/4 of the recommended time. Eventually you can move up to half. Never more than that. Any more than that and you are no longer in “base tan” mode. You are in deep fry.

Third thing is I always like to finish up with an after sun lotion. I personally like Banana Boat After Sun Lotion with Aloe. I just slather myself in that to keep my skin moistened.If you haven’t gotten it by now Moisture is key to getting a great long-lasting tan and help reduce the amount of damage you are doing.

I hope these tips help you achieve your base color. Just remember tanning is not good for your skin.


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