How to delete a song from your iTunes while in a playlist.

I download a lot of music from blogs and sometimes I get trigger happy and go download crazy. A way I deal with that is I listen to them on my ipod when I’m traveling and rate them. I have a full on system. First I make smart playlists in iTunes for each rating star. So when I’m listening to a song I rate it accordingly:
1-Star = Delete.
2-Star = Mellow.
3-Star = Gym.
4-Star = Main playlist.
5-Star = Dance.
I have to be honest it was way easier to rate songs on an iPod classic. Now it’s a pain in the ass!!

So on to what this post is really about, how to delete songs from your computer through your playlist. How many times do you hear a song in your playlist and want it gone, off your iTunes, not just out of the playlist? A song that reminds you of an Ex, an old job you hate, etc.? You have to go back into your library, look for it, and then delete it. There is a shorter way. When you are in your playlist just select the song, hold option, then press delete. Tada you did it. This works on macs cause I don’t fuck with a pc. Sorry girl.