How To Receive A Consultation

A consultation is a very important part of your beauty experience. I believe it is the time when I am to win the confidence of my client. I believe what makes a good stylist/colorist for you is someone who’s aesthetic is pleasing to you. I don’t mean the way they look, but the way they see you. I tell friends the best way to get a consult is to let the stylist/colorist tell you what they see, what will be the best look for you. I tend to play a game with my consults called “If I could do anything to you I would…” Usually after I tell them how I envision them, I usually ask them their concerns and how they see themselves. That is the best time to pull out pictures you have hair envy of. A good thing to look at when choosing pictures are the models hair type. It’s not a great idea for you to bring in pictures of thick hair when yours is on the finer side or vice versa. The best advice I could give you is if you are not 100% sure about what they are telling you then get up and leave. The worst thing is to spend time, and money and receive something that you do not like. The salon experience should be a great experience for both you and your stylist/colorist. If it isn’t then you are not a good fit. Most stylists/colorists offer a free consultation, take advantage of that. One thing I must stressed though is do NOT go to one salon and get a consultation and have another salon do the work. Remember the game of telephone? By the time you explain it the vision has changed and interpreted by a different eye and never works out well. Also I suggest you get your hair done within the week of your consult as most of the looks are seasonal. ie you came to me in the summer with a great tan and I suggested a hair color to work with that skin tone, now you come to get it done and your pale, your consultation is no longer valid and we have to color according to the present you and you are let down because you’ve been thinking about that color for 4 months and don’t even give your current look a chance. I reevaluate my clients each time they come to my chair. I don’t just do the same thing every time because I feel that your hair should be geared towards the current you.


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  1. thehouseoftrue

    Great advice! Excited for you to look at my hair and work your magic!

  2. Bethany Lee

    This is great advice! I came over here from thehouseoftrue.com and glad I did. Now if only you had your business in Ohio . . . it seems to me you consult on hair using the holistic approach. Now that’s cool.

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