I did not know. Did you?

Until a few months ago, I did not know that bottle tops were not recyclable. I was in shock when I found out through my best friend Sonya’s son Julien (a very talkative, super informed 5-year-old). His school was working with AVEDA, collecting bottle tops to recycle and use for AVEDA products. I was taking by surprise. I thought that we could recycle everything. I guess I was wrong. So I did some research and found out this article on Earth911, which tells you what caps are accepted. You can collect your own caps and then drop them off by a near by AVEDA. According to the article, if you don’t have one in your area, you can bring them to Whole Foods. I bring them to my Sonya because I like to install in the little ones that recycling is the only way to exist.

For more information on schools working with AVEDA click HERE.

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  1. Sarah Komers

    I had no idea that they weren’t I use them in crafts with my two kiddos so it’s a form of recycling I guess…thanks for the info Marko

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