Inky Hands From Exploded Pen?… Not Again.


This took me over a year to figure out, but being the nerd that I am I always carry a pen in my pocket. I noticed that every other flight I would reach into my pocket and pull out an inked up hand. Oh great, I would think. So as I was at Staples, buying my umpteenth replacement pen, I came across this pen, the Uni-ball Vision Elite┬áStick Bold Point Roller Ball Pen.┬áThe packaged said “Won’t leak in flight” The lightbulb went off in my head. DUH! That’s why my pens kept leaking, the change in cabin pressure. So I bought them in every color, even pink! I prefer writing in blue ink over black but these pens tend to write smoother in black ink than the blue ones. The black ones are also easier to find. I now write in black in and for over a year now have not pulled an inked hand out of my pocket. I have pocket pan confidence again.