iPhone’s Charge Cable Too Short.


Being the age of smart phones, I find it dumb that they come with only a 2 foot cable. I mean really Apple. You know we have to charge it 2 to 3 times a day, depending on how hot Draw Something is that day. Let’s not sit here and pretend that we get a full day on a single charge. How many of you find yourself hunched over near an outlet, making a call or typing away cause you need some juice for your iPhone? Looking like a crack fiend up to no damn good. People think you A) stole that iPhone or B) think you’re scoring drugs.Actually that’s a lie because they all know you are charging your phone because they stare greedily at the outlet hoping they can plug-in when you are done. It’s very “My Precious” from Lord Of The Rings

Now that we figured out why you have back problems let’s get on to the solution. It’s a simple fix. All you have to do is get a longer cable. I like theĀ KHOMO: Black 10ft USB Charge Cable. It also comes in WHITE. And if you need the wall charger and cable go HERE. I stock up on these. For 8 bucks you get a full 10 feet of cable. No more sitting near the outlet to charge. You are free to charge and sit upright!