Keep your iPad screen clean.


All new parents swear they are not going to have a child that is attached to a screen. Then there is that moment when you snap, either you’re going to jail or you’re going to break your cardinal rule and give them a screen. Hopefully you went with the later.

The fun part about your kid using your iPad is getting back covered in fingerprints, boogers, drool, and who really wants to know what else. Am I right? I sat there one night trying all different things to clean it, white vinegar, diluted alcohol, eyeglass cleaner, and WIndex. None of those really seem to get the screen clean, without looking streaky and smelling strongly. An hour later, I’m frustrated And desperate. I decided to search “iPad cleaner” on Amazon. I bought the first thing that came up with great reviews. To be honest, I didn’t even look at the name. The next day I received an email, from the seller, telling me about the product. The email tells me that the woman created this product for the same reason I bought it. A safe, non toxic cleaner, that gets the job done.

At first use, I was EXTREMELY satisfied. Screen Mom┬ánot only cut through everything, get my screen clean and shiny, it also had no harsh smell. I suggest you click HERE and get yourself a bottle. I guarantee you’ll be impressed.