Let’s Fire Up The Grill!

How many times have you opened the lid to the grill and thought “EWWWWWW”? Well this tip is going to help you deal with that. Get yourself a Misto Gourmet Olive Oil Sprayer and fill it with some cheap oil. I got mine at Marshall’s but for those of you who would rather not deal with the 99%, you can follow the link and get it from Amazon. Easy Breezy. See what i do for you?

Before you turn on the flame. I stress BEFORE you turn on the heat, you are going to saturate the cold grill with oil. For those of you, like me, who get confused, saturate means spray a lot of that shit on the grill. It should be all greasy, almost drippy. Now start your grill. As your grill heats up, the remains of you last meal will absorb the oil and will soften up. Once your grill is hot, take your lovely Grill Brush and run it over the grill. See how much easier that is?

You should also lightly spray the grill before place fresh food on. This will help your food from sticking and burning. Make sure you do not spray too close to the open flame or you might blow up. Unless you want a bang trim and your eyebrows removed, if so, then by all means spray close.