Like Scrunched Hair? How To Do It Right.

In my opinion hair should never be wash and go. I mean do you wash your clothes and wear them? No you dry them first. But that is besides the point, woman have been doing this for ages and even though I dislike it I did find a way for it to look better. I say NO! to crunchy hair. Do people really like how this feels? If you turn fast, tell me it doesn’t feel like a bunch of spiders crawling on your face? I would freak myself out all day long. You also probably poke out your man’s eye when he’s trying to get close to you. Now you know why he wants it doggy style all the time. He’s protecting his eyes from your dangerous cacti hair.

Here are a few tips to quickly style your hair and have bounce to it at the same time. Get yourself someĀ Sally Hershberger Style Primer for Wavy Hair. Section your hair in half (right and left). Take one full pump. Now rub your hands together until you kill all the foam. (This helps it to spread better) Work that through on side of your hair. Repeat to the other side. I always suggest combing your products through to make sure they are throughout the hair. Flip your head upside and “scrunch”. Now right side up section your part. Scrunch again. You can also take your fingers and twist sections of your hair to define more of your curls. You are finished for now. Do NOT touch your hair until it is dry. Once it is dry scrunch your hair again to break up the crunchy. Basically by time you go to lunch your curls will be bouncy!

Let us all know how this works for you.