Love Your Sandals/Flip Flops But Hate Biscuit Heel?


So we get it…. You love wearing your Givenchy Jelly Sandals but wearing them day in and day out is really working a number on your heels… They’re all dry and look hideous … This is the condition know as “Biscuit Heel” …. And hunnie biscuit heel is NEVER a good look … Nothing ruins your cute summer look like a dried cracked heel … Well maybe over processed, fried hair does, but then again that ruins everything! … But back to biscuit heel … Here is a few tips that you can get you back into “Sandal Confidence”! ….. First the “Treatment” this you do about 2 times a week and then the “Daily” is the maintenance …. So here we go …

The Treatment is done at night and starts off with a 5 – 10 minute soak in Johnson’s Foot Soap. Second step is towel dry your feet and scrap your heels GENTLY with Dr. Scholl’s Smooth My Sole or Ped Egg …. Now don’t go crazy and shave off half of your heel … You pretty much just wanna scratch the surface…. Now rinse off your feet and towel dry them…. Next step is to massage in a good about of Kerasal Ointment  into your foot … This will feel a little greasy and you will be slippery to walk on so I recommend you put on a sock…  Now crawl into bed with your Kindle!
The daily routine is done nightly when you’re not doing the Treatment … Just wash your feet with your favorite body wash and towel dry …. Then massage in Nivea Creme (which is their really thick one) or Dr Scholl’s Ultra Overnight Foot Cream until it’s absorbed ….. The massaging part is important because it stimulates the blood flow and helps the heel regenerate, relieving it from its biscuit state returning it to a soft and luxurious feel.
 Recap: Done nightly… Treatment 2x a week and Daily on non Treatment nights
Treatment: Soak in Johnson’s Foot Soap (<— Click to buy), Towel Dry, Scrape Gently With Smooth My Sole(<— Click to buy), Rinse and Towel Dry, Rub with Kerasol Ointment(<— Click to buy), Put on Socks
Daily: Wash and Towel Dry, Massage Feet with Nivea Creme(<— Click to buy)