Maintaining Your Whites

Being that I am the self proclaimed “King” of white T-shirts… Rightfully so since that is all I have worn for the past 6 years…. Wearing a color T is just too hard….I mean… I’m a mess! Working with haircolor and just being clumsy, I have ruined many of a T’s. Pouring a massive amount of bleach just makes them thin, rough, and YELLOW…. Ewwwww. I used to take straight bleach on a Qtip and put directly on the stains…. Which in fact removed most of it but if you looked, you could still see them. Then one day I got real lazy and just took a bottle of Clorox Clean-Up and sprayed the spots, let it sit for 2 minutes and OMG! The spots came right out! I also took a tip from Martha Stewart a few years back and replaced my Clorox bleach with Cascade Powder…..That helps keep away the yellow and doesn’t wreck the integrity of the fabric. Be aware that the yellow in the under arms is usually from your antiperspirant and cannot be removed with this tip. Sorry