Make Your Own Room Deodorizing Spray

Do you ever want to boost the aroma in your house but feel that those sprays smell toxic, artificial chemicals, too strong, and just down right bad? Well here is an easy solution to making your house/sheets/ bathroom smell better. All you need is some essential oils, I use Wyndmere Naturals. They have great blends, one of my favorites is Lavender Garden.  A spray bottle with a great mist, I use this Wyndmere Bottle. And last ingredient you’ll need is rubbing alcohol. Now that you have every thing, here we go!…. Put 2 teaspoons of rubbing alcohol in the bottle…. add 25-30 drops of your essential oil… Swirl it around and let is sit for about 20 mins so the alcohol and break down the oil, otherwise it’ll sit on top of the water….. After 20 minutes fill the bottle up with water (I use distilled water, but isn’t necessary)… And done! …. Shake before each spray and enjoy you’re great new room scent that is toxin free and not overly powerful that you get a headache.