Men’s Beards … And I’m Not Talking About Women Who Cover Up Their Sexuality

In this day and age it seems that almost every man is wearing a beard of some form. In the sea of facial hair there seems to be a lack of beard education. Most men shave to look good from the front angle and don’t really see the rest. This is the biggest problem. The thing is fellas you see yourself from the front. The rest of the world ses you from other angles. Most of you tend to shave up your neck right to your chin, while from the front you look clean cut, with sharp lines, but from the side view you are featuring¬†turkey jowl (Gobble Gobble) See image 1. A simple solution to this is while shaving open your mouth and create a new guideline to follow. This simple procedure changes up your whole look. Just see what it did for him in image 2
The second biggest problem is the transition from beard to clean shaven head. This one fellas I blame on the barber who is shaving your head. The guy in image 3 quite possibly has the perfect beard. The right amount of grooming to keep it shapely and clean but not so much grooming wear it looks like an etch a sketch drew it on. The length is perfect giving him a masculine roughness to him, but not so long to give you that “I just got off the farm and probably have food in my beard and smell” look. ¬†The only flaw here is that the drop off line is so harsh. The simple solution is to have your barber fade your beard to your head. If you are shaving your own head, well then you are probably not reading hair and beard tips, but if you are cut your beard slightly shorter towards the top to soften the line. Harsh lines tend to draw focus and attention. You can see the subtle difference between image 3 and image 4 but what a difference it can make.

If you need more in detail tips on how to care for your beard you may want to look at the website All About Beards

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