Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize.

Let’s face it, we all want soft, supple skin but do not want to put in the footwork that it takes to get it. Sometimes we are just too damn lazy to sit there and apply moisturizer to our bodies. We consciously make the decision to have dry ashy skin. You see, my problem is, the ones I like are pretty thick so I have to apply small amounts to smaller areas to prevent myself from applying too much, and becoming a greasy, shiny mess. It’s so damn time consuming. UGH! The thinner ones, that spread easily and quickly, don’t ever seem to moisturizer enough. I’ve found the solution to this major dilemma, it is Blackthorn Body Oil by Dr. Hauschka

Blackthorn Body Oil is an amazing oil, that is actually geared towards reducing the appearance of stretch marks. In other words its extra moisturizer and reparative.  The scent is light and blends in with your skin shortly after. It won’t clash with your fragrance. I find a little less than a pump is all you need for each body part.  I like to start on knees and work outwards, same thing with elbows. Those tend to be the ashiest, wrinkliest, and need the most moisture possible.