Need A New Body Scrub?…… Stop Throwing Out Your Coffee Grinds!

So my biggest problems with store bought scrubs, being that I have sensitive skin, are their fragrance, and color additives… So I did a little investigating and found some great information about using coffee grinds as a base for a scrub …. No way right?….. Way! … Some research also said that using coffee as scrub 3 times a week could reduce cellulite and prevent Varicose Veins … I couldn’t tell you cause I don’t have any … Hey! … Maybe that’s because I use this scrub! …… Anywho, being the crazy extremist I am I went straight to the Container Store and bought myself a really pretty jar about 4 cups in size … I put it next to the coffee maker and fill it with used coffee grinds … I recommend 2 jars so one can be in the bath and one in the kitchen so you have access to it all both times … When it gets about 3/4 full  I add 1/2 cup Course Sea Salt, and 1 Table Spoon of Mineral Oil…. Mix her all together… If you’d like to enhance her aroma you can add a small of cinnamon or perhaps a dash of vanilla extract. Rub all over your body … Focusing on areas prone to cellulite and Varicose Veinsmy!  … Use the scrub 3 times a week.

Recap: 3 Cups of Coffee Grinds, 1/2 cup of COURSE Sea Salt, 1 tbsp of Mineral Oil , Use 3 times a week.

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