Olive Oil Is For Salads ….. Not Your Hair

Every so often a client comes in with a big smile on her face …. She claims she has found a cheap miracle hair treatment …. Meanwhile back on the ranch her hair looks the driest I have ever seen ….. So curiosity always gets the best of me.. So I ask … “Tell me girl, tell me about this wonderful new treatment that is gonna to change the world of hair” …. Then she’ll respond ecstatically “Olive Oil!” … And that’s usually where I make a disapproving face…. To be honest with you I’m not 100% sure on what the olive oil does for your hair besides making it greasy and then that is where awfulness of this at home treatment happens…. People tend to wash their hair 2-3 times after they put this oil in to get the greasiness out … That’s where all the damage comes .. So the slight amount of conditioning benefits they made of had are now reversed and moved into the damaged hair arena … Not Cute …. So if you want to really give yourself and oil treatment that works, I suggest you get yourself a bottle of Moroccan Oil … Now this stuff is a miracle treatment….. I tell my clients to use anywhere from a nickel to quarter sized dollop of this oil … The thing that is amazing about Moroccan Oil is  that it is a dry oil … So it is pretty hard to put too much in…. I recommend that you only apply it on mid-shaft and ends as to apply it in your roots will make them soft leaving you with less body… You apply this to towel dried hair…. I put more on every time I wet my hair regardless of if I washed it or not .. I do love the smell and shine my hair gets!
-Mix Olive Oil with Balsamic Vinegar, apply to lettuce, and Eat!

-Apply Moroccan Oil to towel dried hair, comb through, and style as usual.