Ooops! Got A Little Too Much Sun? You Need This

Summer season has officially began. Grills are blazing, sun is shining, everyone is outdoors being active and having a great time. Then it hits you. You’ve been sitting at that outdoor cafe for 2 hours, eating fresh fruit, sipping on iced coffee’s, judging everyone that walks by, and you forgot to reapply your sunblock. You’re now toasty. Booo. That is why, at the beginning of every season I stock up and buy a couple bottles of Headhunter Recovery Cream. This stuff is so thick that you can actually feel it going to work as you apply it but does not feel like you’re wearing a filmy cream. With Aloe, Eucalyptus, Peppermint, and Chamomile it cools and moisturizes as it adsorbs into the skin. I swear, Headhunter Recovery Cream takes my burn and turns it into tan over night. It’s so amazing. I actually use this after a great tan day too, I feel it helps make my skin supple and my color last longer.

This is a summer must have!