Pre Shampoo, Hair Softening Treatment


Today’s product is Sally Hershberger Keratin Fix. Of course we don’t use it according to directions. Why would we? So what I love to do with Sally Hershberger Keratin Fix is use it as a pre shampoo hair treatment. What I do is brush my hair out, split my hair into two sections (left and right),  put a shit load of this serum into my dry dirty hair l(ike 2-3 pumps for each section, working from midshaft to ends), then I brush and brush again making sure it gets through my hair. I then add more to my ends. I suggest you leave it on for a minimum of 10 minutes. The longer the better. Now shampoo hair and condition as normal. Tada! Your hair is soft and not weighed down.

Another great trick with this is when you go to the beach load your hair up with Sally Hershberger Keratin Fix before heading out of the house. My friend Brandi wears her hair in a braid the last day of her blow out and loads up the braid with Sally Hershberger Keratin Fix. It calms her fly aways, makes it hella shiny, and treats her hair all at the same time.

Great for your little ones too!