Scrubba scrubba scrubba… Your whole body.


Picture this: me having a bad day, freaking out, it’s a rainy day, angry fast walking or shall I say stomping? I trip over something. I get up, angry and muddy, ready to kick something 40 yards into space. Then I realize nothing is there and my clumsy ass tripped over my own damn feet. So now I’m wet, dirty, and have a bruised ego, all I want is to get in the shower. So I strip down and get in. I always start with washing my hair, then brush my teeth, then my body. “AAAAAAHHHHHHH” I scream. I’m out of soap and am now really starting to lose it. I would cry if I knew how to do such a thing. So with angry hands I grab the CeraVe Hydrating Cleanser and slam pump it on to my puff; GRUNT GRUNT CURSE CURSE and begin washing my body. Here I am thinking that since it’s face wash and so gentle that I am going to have to wash 47 times. Well I was wrong. I lathered and worked it all around. My skin felt clean, not squeaky clean, just simply clean. I was amazed. Not only do I get to cut out a product from my dop kit, I get great skin all around. And it cost about the same as my old body wash. Get into it