Season Of Change

You get up in the morning, the sun is shining, the birds are singing, even your morning routine feels lighter. As you hit the streets, you feel the energy buzzing around. You know what that means? It means it it the season of change! So let’s get into it. Here are a few things you can change to bring life into stale energy.

Hair: Tell your hair dresser you are ready for summer. Throw a few brighter highlights on top of your usual hair color to get things rolling.  Get a good solid haircut to remove split ends tell him/her that you would love the bottom to be on the blunter side, because it looks way sexy when you are getting out of the water to have a nice line in your haircut. The line makes your hair look thick and healthy.

Bathroom: Change up your shower curtain. Add a little color to the room. If color is not your thing try one with a print or just a pastel colored liner. Switch up your bath mats. These are inexpensive and easy ways to switch up the room and can really make the room look new.

Go through your bookshelves and donate books you are not going to read. It’s amazing how a little removal of clutter can shift the energy in your house/apartment.

Ladies: Get yourself some MAC pigment WHITE GOLD and put a little around your eye for a little summer pop. For more detailed instructions on how to apply it go HERE

Men: Try styling your hair with Shu Uemura Shape Paste it’s lightweight which means you can add more throughout the day. It’s a soft hold so you can run your fingers through your hair. The best part is that it rinses out easily. So when you get out of the water your hair is soft and no gel residue is on your face.