Season Of Toms and Ballet Flats

In the summer time I live in my Toms(<— Click to buy)… Not only is is a great cause (for every pair you buy they give a pair to a child in need) but are a much more fashionable alternative to a flip flop….. keeping you foot cleaner and less exposure to our pedicure ruining environment…. The main issue i find with Toms or a Ballet Flat is that I like to wear them without socks and sometimes that can leave me feet smelling less than cute…. After years of researching what to do, I finally figured out the winning combination… First and foremost… Hands down best foot powder around is Odor Eaters… You should put some in EVERY TIME you slip into your favorite summer shoe …. Also.. Here is the genius secret I figured out… It came to me after going bowling with my 6 brothers …. Shoe disinfectant spray… Yes girl once a week I spray those bad boys down and kill all the bacteria and smell that is lingering behind .. I use 10-Seconds® Deodorant & Disinfectant(<— Click to buy) available at Amazon.com….. With these two products you can enjoy the summer with foot confidence