Shampoo And Conditioner On A Budget?

@bergdofboy wrote:

“@MarkosTips hi markotips what’s a good blonde girl conditioner for a budget gal”

I urge you to read this completely to the end to fully understand…. I know it’s lengthy, but I have to put you in the know!

So I get this question a lot or just “What’s a really good conditioner” …. It’s kind of a trick question … Yes it’s true that not all conditioners are made equal…. You have basically two types of conditioners …  Type A) Just coats the hair, Type B) Penetrates the hair and can make it FEEL better … But the real issue here is your shampoo… Most people think that they can just use whatever shampoo and then a great conditioner …. FALSE …. What people don’t know is that their shampoo is probably the most drying thing they do to their hair …. And the reason being that most people don’t realize how drying it really can be …. First off I know the bottle says “daily” but that is a lie …. You should NOT be washing your hair daily … Even if you work out like a crazy lady with a tie score in the last 30 seconds of the Super Bowl …. The most you should wash your hair is every other day … The way to tell if you are washing your hair to much is when you wake up you have greasy roots and dry ends … The reason being is that you are over drying your scalp and it’s producing oil to try to compensate …. What you need to know is that there are slight cleaning agents in conditioners…. This helps prevent them from making your hair flat …. If your conditioner makes your hair flat then you are using either A) a cheap one or B) one that is not right on the days you are not shampooing, take your conditioner and scrub it through your hair has if it were shampoo this will help it attach itself to the oil and remove it as you rinse… You also have to be aware that it will take your scalp a week to realize you are not washing everyday … After a week or so it will stop producing so much oil … You may even be able to go two days without shampoo…. So my recommendation that I make to ALL my clients is splurge on your shampoo!  My favorite is Shu Uemura Full Shimmer, my old favorite is Phytonectar  … Both are low in detergent so a little goes a long way … You have to get used to it not be super sudsy … The sudsy part is the drying agent … If you can’t work a lather up, add more water if that doesn’t work then rinse out and start again … You have to give yourself a full bottle to fully see it’s benefits … The theory behind your shampoo is it is like a prescription and should be used fully before switching …. No girl who ever told you to keep switching your shampoo up every other time is just selling you products … When my clients walk out of my chair I tell them to get a shampoo and say “Use this full bottle when you are done let’s reanalyze your hair and see if we should continue with this one or if we should switch you into something a little more moisture” ….. I’m not here to sell you products … I’m here to help you keep my color as beautiful as possible … Trust me the dollar I make for selling you a shampoo is not worth messing up the effort I put in to making you look this damn GOOD! …. So now that you are using Shu Uemura Shampoo and only washing 3-4 times a week, using the proper amount, that bottle should last you 2 months ….. Now conditioner recommendations … this is where we can get a little frugal…. I have to say I do like Madam Hershberger’s Conditioner for Normal to Thin hair …. It is a great daily conditioner .. You can use it on off days to clean your scalp and on shampoo days to add a little moisture … This is a Type A conditioner, it coats the hair helping protect it from environmental damages, such as hair dryer, sun, etc …. This is all you need unless you have damaged hair … Then you need to move in to a treatment like a Shu Uemura Moisture Velvet Nourishing Treatment …. But you will be amazed what a month of good shampoo can do with your hair …. Another trick I can not stress more is always…. Let me say that again…. ALWAYS comb your conditioner through .. I can not stress how important this is …. The thing is if you slap your conditioner on, it can’t get into the tangles … Let me break this down a bit for you … Your hair’s cuticle is the outside layer of the hair that looks like shingles on a roof … A tangle is usually when this layer is rough and not lying smoothly … What happens is it scratches it’s neighbor until it is rough and not lying flat and then they interlock like velcro ….making your hair knotty and further damaging each other …. And nobody likes velcro hair … TRUST! ….. This can be minimized by combing the conditioner through helping the cuticle lay flat and the conditioner can do it’s job by coating the hair and telling that cuticle to lie flat ….. If you don’t comb the conditioner through those rough patches keep scratching their neighbors until all of your hair eventually tangles and splits resulting in frizzy, straggly ends and you having to cut your hair …. And if you’re like my friend Debbie … Sometimes cutting your hair is not an option cause you will cry and scream

Recap: Shampoo every other day using Shu Uemura Full Shimmer (<--- Click to buy) or Phytonectar (<--- Click to buy) .... Every day rinse and condition with Sally Hershberger’s Conditioner for Normal to Thin Hair(<--- Click to buy) ..... ALWAYS comb your conditioner through