Shedding Dog Driving You Nuts?

If you have a short hair dog then you know what it is like to have hair all over the damn house. It is on the couch, in every corner, and you can even see it flying through the air sometimes! Here are a few tips on how to deal with that.

First off this brush, The Furminator, is life changing. This brush really pulls out loose and not so loose hair. Be careful as I almost brushed my dog bald. The good news is there was virtually no hair in my living room for a long time.

Another thing I do is once a month I give my dogs some hard-boiled eggs with some Vitamin E mixed into it. (You can read more on Vitamin E and dogs HERE.) I find the egg and Vitamin E combo help the fur shine and slows down the shedding.

With these two steps, you should definitely notice less hair in your house. The way I know it is time for egg, vitamin E, and brush combo is when I see hair in the corner of my living room. Try it today and next week comment on how it worked for you!