Silicone is not the only solution.


This is the second most debated item in the world. The first being which way the toilet paper should roll. I personally like under but my husband likes over, and since he poops more than me, his way passes. Back to the subject on “hand”, Personal lubricant. Most of my friends swear that silicone is the only way to go, but after a few sets of stained sheets I decided to find not only an alternative, but something superior. About 5 years ago I came across System JO at the Blue Store on 8th ave in NYC. At the time I was EXTREMELY single and had quite some time to try out different lubricants. System JO was probably the somewhere around the high 20’s of lubes that I tried that year. It was love at first stroke. Unlike other water based lubes System JO does not dry out or get sticky. It really is the best lube out there. Now that I am married I have found that it also translates well with a partner. Every so often we get adventurous and try another lube but do not even complete the session without reaching over and grabbing System JO. One flaw we have found is that since System JO is water based and rinses away clean, you cannot use it for hottub sex. Give it a try I’m sure you’ll love it