Stop burning that meat!

Spending my summers in the Hamptons, I get invited to lots of BBQs. Sounds like fun right? Well, not always. These BBQ’s tend to be manned by people who only grill for two months a year and have never perfected their skill. Sure they’ll lie to you and say they LOVE their steak well done and burnt. If they really did they would also know there is no difference between a burnt $20 rib eye or a burnt $4 chuck steak. That is the point to getting prime cuts of meats. If you cook them to death, you consistently end up with the same results, that being dry hockey puck that no one can really chew. Also eating burnt meat can increase your risk for Pancreatic Cancer. We’re subjected to enough risks why do it for a shitty meal? So here’s the solution!

Get yourself a Meat Thermometer! It’s less than $20 and really helps you step up your grilling game. Now you can make sure your chicken is cooked without over cooking it and drying it out. Juicy chicken means less sauce, which means skinnier you! Same goes with pork, so many people are afraid of catching Trichinosis that they make sure that pig died threes times. Now onto steak, my theory is if you “like” steak cooked more than medium then you really don’t like steak. Grab a burger and call it a day. To really taste the marble flavor of a choice cut rib eye or NY strip you should really be cooking it at medium rare to medium.

So next time you get invited to a BBQ, don’t bring a bottle of wine, bring a Meat Thermometer. Your friends will look at you weird and with slight contempt, but the minute they use it they will be praising your name and so will their guest when they no longer have to have a beverage to help wash down that dry ass food.

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  1. Tiffany

    Oh Marko!!!! I love you! Your blog is awesome!!!!!! You make me laugh and your tips are fantastic :) Miss you :(
    Big Tiff ;)

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