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Intense moisture doesn’t mean greasy face.

Follow the link, and moisturize your face.

How can your face can be oily and dry at the same time?

Winter is here, and our skin can do some weird things. My skin tends to be on the oily side, but I do get a dry patches. So the hunt for the perfect moisturizer, for me, took a really long time, like years. Oily skin products made my dry areas look like Eczema. Normal skin moisturizers …

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Scrubba scrubba scrubba… Your whole body.

Picture this: me having a bad day, freaking out, it’s a rainy day, angry fast walking or shall I say stomping? I trip over something. I get up, angry and muddy, ready to kick something 40 yards into space. Then I realize nothing is there and my clumsy ass tripped over my own damn feet. So now …

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