Tax Time!


This is a subject that I have NO tips on. I am so deathly afraid of tax time. It’s crazy, because I am W4 and shouldn’t have anything to fear. It used to be an exciting time for me, a big, fat return. It was like Christmas but better because it was around my birthday. The past few years it seem I had the wrong CPA. Long story short is; 2 months after doing my taxes, NY State puts a freeze on all my accounts for 6 weeks. Yes girl I had no access to my bank accounts. They took every cent I had telling me I owed them an outlandish amount do to fees and┬ápenalties. I was distraught. I cried for days. My tax preparer, who was a friend of mine, dropped the ball because she was going on vacation and told me I was mean for yelling at her. Oh I’m sorry my life is fucked and it’s sort of your fault, have a great vacation! Maybe I can get access to my money to pay my bills and eat when you get back. So as you can see it a scary situation for me.

So today I embark on a new adventure. I am going to a new CPA my 3rd in 4 years. I just want to make sure I’m going to be taken care of and not be told i’m getting money back and then the IRS comes after me for half of my take home pay. So here is where my tip comes in. I had to get back to my basics and go with I know. I tell people if you need a new hair guy/gal, you find someone who has the same hair texture as you and who’s hair you like. So I put that┬átheory into my taxes. I looked around the salon and saw my friend Robyn, and a light went off. Robyn works at the same salon as me, she also does a week in NYC. Hmmmmm common sense tells me her guy is the one I need to try. So I asked her for his number. I was even more ecstatic to find out he is 10 minutes from my house! Yesterday morning I sat for 3 hours and organized my receipts and I feel good, and prepared about this morning’s appointment. I’m still scared as shit but here I go. Wish me luck

Moral of the story. Don’t just use a friend’s recommendation but use a friend who is in a similar situation, as you, recommendation.